Toyger breed comes from the USA. Breed was founded by Judy Sugden in the 80′s. She wanted to create a new domestic cat breed, a reminiscent of a toy tiger. Toyger is not anywhere near complete since it’s very challenging and slow to transfer “big cat” features to a small domesticated cat.

ToygerLand Lalique Silver SBTThe very first breedings were made between striped domestic shorthair cat and Bengal cat. Bengal cat’s part in the Toyger breed is remarkable but also many other breeds (e.g. Maine Coon, Pixie Bob, Oriental shorthair) have been used to achieve different features. Breeding goals include extending the muzzle, widening the nose, reducing the size of ears and eyes, enlarging the whiskerpads and firming the jaw line. There’s not a drop of wild blood in Toyger, it’s purely domestic breed.


Toyger – a reminiscent of a toy tiger


Toyger breed was recognized in TICA (The International Cat Association) for registration in 1993. In 2000 it was advanced to Preliminary New Breed and in 2006 Advanced New Breed. Finally in 2007 Toyger was accepted as a breed with Championship status. The breed has not been recognized in FIfé and CFA for now. Toyger is very rare breed since it’s quite new and still developing. The most of the breeders are located in the USA, but there are breeders in the Europe, Australia, Japan and Russia also and they keep increasing slowly. If you want to take Toyger to a cat show in Finland you will go to TICA shows which are arranged by FinTICAt.

Toyger is a medium sized cat. Males weigh 5-6 kg, females a bit less. The breed’s pattern is mackerel tabby, colour is brown. Silver is not officially approved colour yet. The body is long, muscular and the center of mass is in the front. Ears are small and round. Toyger has a long rope like tail which is carried low. Toyger movement has grace and tiger-like firmness. Paws have longer toes than other domestic breeds.


Toyger is a purely domestic breed


In the face outstanding features are very prominent black markings, small almond shaped hooded eyes, wide nose, long muzzle, chunky whiskerpads and robust jaw line. When you look at the face from the front you see an inverted heart shape.

RomanToygers Rayban BON ToygerToyger’s coat is short, thick and feels like silk. When you touch the Toyger for the very first time you know what it means. There’s no other breed that has a plush coat like this. Coat has also glitter that sparkles in the sunlight.

Toyger’s character is intelligent, laid back, gentle and out going. Toygers become attached to humans very easily; they demand and give love, attention and company. Toygers are active and play happily alone, with other cats or humans. They get along easily with other animals and kids therefore breed is a great and safe choice to any kind of family.

Something wild looking

Something snuggly

Something affectionate