Nordic Divinity

Oh yes, 7 kittens are very good at keeping people busy! Kittens born in July are going to be ready to go soon, just some weeks and they will leave for their new homes. We will keep two kittens here in Whitestripes for future work. Five remaining have found their loving forever homes.

They also have names at last, discovered from Nordic Mythology. Let us introduce WhiteStripes’ Nordic Divinity litter!


Honir (silver boy) – Reserved for Hanna & Tommi!

  • WhiteStripes Honir
    WhiteStripes Honir

Loki (brown boy) – Reserved for Inka!

  • WhiteStripes Loki

Bertha (silver girl) – Reserved for Hannele & Hessu!

  • WhiteStripes Bertha
    WhiteStripes Bertha

Magni (silver boy) – Reserved for Katja!

  • WhiteStripes Magni
    WhiteStripes Magni

Bragi (silver boy) – Reserved for Kiira!

  • WhiteStripes Bragi
    WhiteStripes Bragi

Iduna (silver girl) – Keeper!

  • WhiteStripes Iduna
    WhiteStripes Iduna

Freyja (brown girl) – Keeper!

  • WhiteStripes Freija
    WhiteStripes Freija